(XMPP / Jabber Client) (XMPP / Jabber Client)

By Christian Schneppe is a fork of Conversations with some modifications, to improve usability.

Connection security and the safety of non-public knowledge are very important for

us, so we implement encrypted connections between messenger and server, making it

almost inconceivable to intercept and read your messages by strangers.

If that's not enough for you, end-to-end message encryption such as OMEMO

or OpenPGP can be utilized. This allows messages to be encrypted on the sending

device and decrypted only by the receiving gadget meant for reception.


* End-to-end encryption with both OMEMO or OpenPGP

* Send and receive photographs as properly as other files

* Send and receive locations

* Send and receive voice messages

* Integration of profile photos (avatars) of your contacts

* Synchronize message historical past with other clients

* Conferences or group chats

* Address e-book integration (there isn't any change of your tackle book with the server)

* Audio/Video calls since model 2.4.0

* Very low battery consumption

* Status messages

* Daily backup of database to native storage

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A tutorial, tips on how to replace to, can you find here: _

The master venture and original Conversations from Daniel Gultsch can you find at is Open Source and licensed underneath GPLv3. (XMPP / Jabber Client) Tags