Penguin Evolution: Idle Merge

Penguin Evolution: Idle Merge

By Tapps Games

Penguin Evolution: Idle MergePenguin Evolution: Idle MergePenguin Evolution: Idle MergePenguin Evolution: Idle MergePenguin Evolution: Idle Merge

You might have heard that winter was coming. So brace yourselves! No continent shall remain immune to the Evolution virus. The final frontier has finally been breached: Penguin Evolution is here!

After starring in a number of youngsters movies and even learning how to tap dance, penguins lastly discovered their place within the evolutionary chain. Combine penguins to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and weird forms!

And they are so cute you would die! No, seriously. They are, like, 4 ft tall generally. And have very sharp beaks. So… I don’t know… I... I wouldn’t get too shut to a minimum of one if I were you.


• Drag and drop comparable penguins to create new mysterious creatures


• Different levels and many penguin species to discover

• A mind-blowing story but untold

• The sudden mix of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games

• Doodle-like illustrations

• Various possible endings: find your destiny

• No penguins have been harmed in the making of this game, solely developers

This sport is cooler than a popsicle! Come play it.

Please note! This recreation is free to play, however it contains objects that can be bought for real money. Some features and extras talked about in the description may have to be bought for real money.

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