Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!

Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!

By Agate Games

Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!Pair Up - Match Two Puzzle Tiles!

Three is a crowd. Match two instead!

Tap on a sticker, discover its pair, and it simply feels so good.

Pair Up is a deeply satisfying match-two game that presents a deal with for the eyes and tickles the mind. A excellent little puzzle game on the go or everytime you simply need somewhat escape. Pair Up additionally has unlockable themes to swimsuit any mood or craving you may need - cute animals, mouth-watering food, no matter floats your boat.

Key Features:

Tactile and satisfying match-2 gameplay

Helpful power-ups and hints

Unlockable themes to go nicely with any temper

Timed challenge mode for faster paced play

Pair Up is a traditional recreation with an fascinating and simple concept that asks gamers to search out pairs of icon/images which would possibly be randomized to form an unbroken line.

Sometimes referred to Onet which is popular in South East Asia, the sport is similar to the Japanese tile-based sport which uses Mahjong tiles referred to as Shisen-Sho.

Play in thrilling modes and unlock cool themes. Accept the challenge and show your self by achieving the best score in PAIR UP.


1. Find 2 equivalent tiles.

2. Tap the first tile after which the second to clear them from the board.

3. Tiles can solely be matched if the road connecting the two of them together just isn't blocked by one other tile.

Pair Up is simple yet addicting, connect two puzzle recreation with recent sport play. If you like connect/matching video games, then your will love Pair Up!

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