Connecter - Relaxing game

Connecter - Relaxing game

By Laurentiu Popa

Connecter - Relaxing gameConnecter - Relaxing gameConnecter - Relaxing gameConnecter - Relaxing gameConnecter - Relaxing game

Connecter challenges you with over 800 relaxing games which may enhance your temper, help with anxiety, stress, and make you calm.

Try this recreation if you wish to loosen up your thoughts before sleeping.

This stress-free recreation can be played in 2 alternative ways:

1) Relax mode - no time strain, choose the pack you want and connect all the pieces

2) Infinity mode - join as many items as you possibly can in a limited time. For each completed connection, you will obtain more time.

Reduce your anxiousness, get relaxed and calm your mood while challenging your thoughts.

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