Spark Art

Spark Art

By Big Duck Games LLC

Spark ArtSpark ArtSpark ArtSpark ArtSpark Art

Spark Art is a complete new method to doodle, dropped at you by the creators of Fireworks Arcade!

Spark Art is a fun-filled app and showcase for multi-touch and graphics! Paint authentic, glowing creations, and save or share your work. Tap or drag to attract shapes, phrases, or objects that routinely come to life with dynamic, physics-based animations. Vary your strokes and pace to create fascinating patterns and results. Or just watch a display of pattern art. Spark your imagination!

*** Features ***

* Simple drawing

- Tap to create bursts of sparks

- Drag to create animated paths

- Shake to erase

- Press the pause icon to point out options

- Save creations to your system's picture Gallery

* Advanced drawing techniques

- Multi-touch enabled

- Experiment with strokes, velocity, and timing

- Draw whereas paused to synchronize effects

* Effects and more

- Great burst and sizzle sound effects

- Tilt to manage gravity

- Over 50 pattern drawings included