Hi! Puppies2

Hi! Puppies2

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Hi! Puppies2Hi! Puppies2Hi! Puppies2Hi! Puppies2Hi! Puppies2

Popular 3D social pet elevating sport, a sequel to Hi!Puppies! This lovable pet training system has been upgraded again! The new fashionable sport of 2014, a brand new expertise for you.

Hi!Puppies!, the sport with 10 million customers has lastly launched a new version. Based on the status of the earlier game and brand-new design, more options are now available:

Voice Training for Puppies a newly developed unique voice coaching and gesture system that permits you to turn into a puppy master in the game.

Upgraded Interactions a Stadium feature that enable puppies to participate in their own Olympic games!

Makes Friends in the Park enable a real-time chatting system in new park scenes. You could make pals with puppy lovers at almost any time. Gorgeous fireworks, pranks, romance and happiness are all right here.

Dressing for the Charisma Show who is the true style leader. Display your appeal in the Charisma show and turn into super stars!!!

Breeding System with All Possibility Added the operate of obtaining particular genes from pure puppies on the premise of the original game, giving offspring infinite potentialities. Now join the enjoyable and choose your puppy’s favourite companion. Make the game much more thrilling with wonderful choices!

Custom Decoration the sport brings quite a few customization options of fantastic and diversified furniture and decorations!

Join puppy world! Hi!Puppies 2 welcomes all players!

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