Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

By Runaway

Flutter: Butterfly SanctuaryFlutter: Butterfly SanctuaryFlutter: Butterfly SanctuaryFlutter: Butterfly SanctuaryFlutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Design your forest habitat and acquire spectacular butterflies with Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary. A lovely, calming butterfly sport for individuals who love nature!

Fun nature game!

Decorate with flowers and fungi to brighten your forest and appeal to new butterflies. Along the way, you'll meet and acquire other bizarre creatures and find out about nature. Raise your butterflies by way of their incredible life cycle - from pupa to chrysalis, caterpillar to butterfly. Discover attention-grabbing details about all your butterflies and behold their magnificence as they flutter all through your forest sanctuary. Each has the beautiful wing patterns and distinct behavioral traits they display in nature.

Collect real butterfly species

Assemble a stunning assortment with over four hundred actual butterfly species to collect. It's like having the ultimate butterfly terrarium in your device! Make it a problem for you and your mates to find and collect them all. Each breed you collect is organized in your flutterpedia, where you'll find a way to look over your collection and study more about your butterflies.

Calming ‘zen’ recreation experience

Listen to calming sounds as you play - escape from the rest of the world with this zen game and enjoy the chill ambiance. Plugin your headphones and let the calming sounds wash over you.

With over 6 million downloads, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary has an active neighborhood of nature fanatics sharing their unbelievable collections of butterflies. Flutter is a must have sport for everybody who likes butterflies, nature activities, terrariums, and collecting! Created by Runaway Play - an award-winning cellular games studio building lovely games inspired by nature!

This recreation is free to play however does contain some objects to purchase for money. If you run into any issues while enjoying or you may have any ideas, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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