CAToy Lite

CAToy Lite

By Interlink Corporation

CAToy LiteCAToy LiteCAToy Lite

mew! meow!

An exclusive utility for cats!

CAToy Lite is a tablet faucet utility made for cats only.

Why do not you let your cats destress with CAToy Lite?

Just seeing your pricey cats enjoying with CAToy Lite also destresses yourself!

*Excited cats may harm your tablets.

*Please use at your personal danger.

Support Android Version

*Version 2.2 and Over.

*Recommended tablet.

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Notice of software worth revisionThank you for using the Android model CAToy.App price is modified to 99 yen to one hundred twenty yen to Japan time of Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at round 12:00.This is to match the quantity of iOS model CAToy.We ask on your kind unders...