Clawmon: Cute Pet Machine

Clawmon: Cute Pet Machine

By MaxSRarity

Clawmon: Cute Pet MachineClawmon: Cute Pet MachineClawmon: Cute Pet MachineClawmon: Cute Pet MachineClawmon: Cute Pet Machine

There are a fantasy world the place islands could be transformed into large claw machine. Each island has a special creature residing known as Clawmon, they even could be developed into totally different parts.

Anyone on this world wants to own Clawmon. Special youngsters have been chosen by the world started their journey to the mysterious islands with the ambition of taming and conquering all of Clawmon in the world, they will try to obtain their noble mission.

But after a very long time since the mysterious islands have been found, nobody has been capable of full an ideal assortment, the assorted items handed down and the Clawmon story nonetheless has many unresolved secrets.

The chosen one, now is the start of the subsequent journey. Make an effort to create your individual assortment. Good luck to you !

Claw Machine Game Guide:

1) Go to Claw Machine

2) Tap Grab button to gather Eggs, Coins Gems.

3) Catch your favourite Pets.

4) Battle to gain experience.

5) Collecting Stones Coins to evolve your pets.

6) Complete Clawmon's collection in the current island then uncover the next island.


- A simple claw machine game, simple to controls.

- Collection of lovable Clawmon pets! Start with the cute rabbits, as a lot as 128 varieties !

- Train your pet by preventing, evolve them and find new evolutions to finish the collection.

- Earn additional rewards for playing everyday !

- Simple but lovely graphics with Claw machines, Claw characters and Clawmon.

- Separate battle mechanism.

- Customize your character's style.

New Update:

- Stones Shop now opening, refresh every hour.

- Update reference details about engraved stones in combat, show as much as 3 stones, establish the remaining stones through play.

- Reduced the level require of evolve for some stage 2 clawmon.

- Failed type of Clawmon can evolve instantly with out leveling up!

- Free further reset machine added.

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