Gaps Solitaire Challenge

Gaps Solitaire Challenge

By Giantix Studios

Gaps Solitaire ChallengeGaps Solitaire ChallengeGaps Solitaire ChallengeGaps Solitaire ChallengeGaps Solitaire Challenge

Gaps Solitaire (also known as Montana or Addiction Solitaire) is a challenging solitaire card recreation the place you have to rearrange the cards into 4 rows so that the playing cards in each row are of the same suit and in ascending order from two to king.

A card may be moved to an empty space if the card to the left of the area is of the identical suit and one rank lower. An empty area in the leftmost place may be filled with a two.

If you get stuck, use the reshuffle button to shuffle all of the playing cards that aren't in the right position. Two shuffles are allowed.

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