Arzamas King

Arzamas King

By Vitaliy Ostrovsky

Arzamas KingArzamas KingArzamas KingArzamas KingArzamas King

Have a chat with Celentano, beat Haris Pilton and turn out to be a shark of the gambling table!

The aim of the game is simple - to earn extra money than your opponents. In the first seven rounds you should hold on and never to go into the purple, to create a margin of security. And in the next seven rounds the true madness begins - everyone appears to be trying to win! Women are crying because of the stress, men are shedding their self-control, robots are cooling the overworked transistors with nothing but icy beer. The real mental fight! This is not a pew-pew, you want to think right here.

Key options:

• rollercoaster excitement and threat at the green playing table

• 9 characters, each with its own mood and approach to the game (Bender, Tribbiani, Dr. Stroustrup and others)

• gamers do not simply speak and react to what happens, but in addition talk with each other

• over 220 unique phrases which reveal a deep inner world of every character

• two difficulty levels allow anyone to play with interest: from second grader to academician

• be careful, every new game catches you more than the previous one

• thorough statistics allows you to watch your progress

• world competitions with other daredevils in Game Center

• texts for characters are written by Muddie Erphy himself when he is free of idleness

Creating the game we have been inspired by Russian DOS-game by Vadim Bashurov, launched in 1993 and favourite by tens of millions. At the time the sport has been passed from hand handy on diskettes, played avidly, daring to have a break only for Doom or Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Ace within the gap, women and gentlemen!

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