BEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection App

BEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection App


BEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection AppBEEPIZ | Lone Worker Protection App

The purpose

More than a simple lone worker safety, Beepiz guarantees a quick intervention of first aid services in all kinds of situations. Save time, save lives!

How does it work ?

With 3 automatic detection modes (fall, prolonged lack of motion, lack of verticality) and a couple of guide modes (SOS and attack) in case of hazard, ensure to be able to alert the emergency providers.

Once the hazard is confirmed, Beepiz sends an enriched alert which includes all the important parts to a quick and efficient intervention of the emergency companies ( precise location, kind of alert, video, date…)

The alerts can be sent by e mail, text, or directly on the Beepiz portal to allow to be informed as quickly as potential and to assist as quick as possible the one that sent the alert. The firm can decide to manage the alerts by itself, or can resolve to externalize the process by way of a telemonitoring company.

The Free Version

The free model offers 3 automatic detection modes and a SOS button. In case of an alert, your smartphone sends a text message to the contact variety of your alternative.

To discover all the functionalities of Beepiz, visit or web site :

Key Points

The sensitivity of the automatic detections are configurable to adapt them to the different sorts of work and working circumstances.

The inhibition of alerts (loss of verticality, immobility, fall) are allowed for an outlined time to limit the inopportune alerts in case of static work, or when the employee needs to lay down, or sit down.

The SOS alert button works on every kind of smartphones, accessible at any time whereas the monitoring is on, and likewise when the display screen is locked down.

This app additionally protects your employees working from residence.

Discover more functionalities

Indoor location, out of doors geolocation, enriched alert, identification of the user, ATEX standards/directive, lone worker data, customer portal, patrol, danger zone administration, lone worker, remote work, protection at home.

Find many other functionnalities

Inside localation, outdoors geo-tracking, upgraded alert, holder identification, ATEX norm, lone employee informations, shopper portal, roundman, dangerous space administration, …

Contact us

Website :

Phone number : 33 9 72 10 30 30

Join us on social media : LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook YouTube !

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