AT. Mobile Trading

AT. Mobile Trading

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AT. Mobile TradingAT. Mobile TradingAT. Mobile TradingAT. Mobile TradingAT. Mobile Trading

• Intuitive user interface

• The tree construction of directories

• View the vary of residues in stock

• Quick search within the directories for the code, and product title, subscript search

• Unlimited variety of worth types Nomenclature

• View contact information and debt counterparty

• Document of the totally different organizations of the company

• Entering paperwork: orders, Invoice, Return from the customer, buying merchandise, return to the provider, PKO, RKO, stock of goods

• Creating paperwork by entering on the basis of sustaining the structure of subordination

• Creation of latest suppliers on the PDA with subsequent migration to the center

• Filter documents on the organization, the date and the counterparty

• Discounts documents

• Reporting and value list

• Working with a quantity of databases

• View product images

• Using the traits of the products (analogue 1C)

• Scanning barcodes

• GPS-navigation and site control agents realtime

• Determining the current location of the agent and the address

• Lining the route between two factors with the calculation of the distance

• Search on the map of the entered address

• Setting an arbitrary point on the map to show the address and routing

• The analysis points Attendance contractors, calculation of distances between points

• Communication with the middle at scheduled instances, by way of FTP or Dropbox

• Van-selling (trade with wheels)

• Integration with 1C, the simplicity and speed of implementation (the site has a complete configuration with detailed instructions), integration with different third-party software program (there are directions for the developer)

The demo version includes the finished database, which can permit you to get acquainted with the functionality of this system.

More data can be discovered on our web site:

When you install the Android system will warn you that the applying has access to the next:

Determining your location - is necessary for the GPS-navigation

Network communication - is used to upload / download data over the network

Office gear (photo and video) - is used for barcode scanner

Paid companies (implementation of phone calls) - is used to dial a cellphone number directly to its customer cards

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