Timetable (Widget)

Timetable (Widget)

By KF Software House

Timetable (Widget)Timetable (Widget)Timetable (Widget)Timetable (Widget)Timetable (Widget)

This is a working timetable, or class schedule widget app. You can outline your personal timetable for your work or class, and put it on your house display.

The timetable assist different modes. It consists of singe week, A/B week, A/B/C week, A/B/C/D week, 6-day cycle week, and 7-day cycle week. Multiple timetables are supported. You can manage a couple of timetable for your loved ones members, or friends. It might help you to plan your life, and develop good behavior.

It is extremely customizable. You can outline your widget's background colour, text color, font dimension, icons, and so on.

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If you want calendar or reminder operate, please strive our New Calendar app.


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