Bosch Toolbox

Bosch Toolbox

By Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH

Bosch ToolboxBosch ToolboxBosch Toolbox

For professional tradespeople! The BOSCH TOOLBOX is a new and revolutionary collection of digital tools for tradesmen and other professionals. Download the digital toolbox now - completely free.

Bosch Toolbox is for professional tradespeople working within the construction industry, as electricians, in gardening landscaping, in trade, as metalworkers, as plumbing HVAC engineers or as carpenters masons. It is conceived to make the professionals more environment friendly in their every day life.

The app allows you to use monitor and calculate project time, project journeys, duties and supplies used and to create memos with the report sheet. You can measure distance and size of objects in your projects by utilizing the measurement camera. You can use the unit converter to shortly convert more than 50 items in your day by day enterprise. Register your Bosch blue energy tools and measuring instruments for 3-year guarantee free of charge in the app (only in selected countries). Send in a repair enquiry or discover your closest Bosch dealer or service.

Bosch Toolbox app features:


- Easily configure your tool based in your individual needs and save the settings for future tasks

- Experience a new means of working and all the time profit from the latest features and providers

- Access and manage your related Bosch power tools inventory through the app utilizing Bluetooth and analyze the estimated device battery status


- Quick and simple recording of journey, work done and materials used – instantly on the customer’s premises

- Complete report sheet archive, sortable by date or client

- Acceptance process is secure and binding due to report sheet’s digital signature

- Export operate for rapidly sending report sheets as PDF recordsdata to accounting and customer

- Create your personal firm profile together with company brand for the export PDF


- Comfortable and efficient venture documentation – immediately on the construction website (e.g. timesheet)

- Integrated media documentation (e.g. for development defects): photos, videos or voice recordings

- Employees have the flexibility to administer their time sheet digitally or to document the progress of the project

- Export operate of the paperwork as PDF TXT files


- Input of measured values (e.g. measures of length, angle, etc.) immediately into a picture ( use the unit converter)

- Marking of specifics (wiring, connections, ventilation, and so on.) and addition of facet notes (voice recording, textual content, video)

- Creation of latest projects and folders

- Transmission through e-mail or messenger


- The easy-to-use converter helps to quickly convert many units

- Includes greater than 50 units which may be relevant to craftsmen: e.g. size measures, weight, volume, speed, energy, power, etc.

- Converts any unit similar to cm, meter, yd, square mile, watt, psi, joule, kWh, Fahrenheit and many extra within seconds


- Overview with direct links to different Bosch Professional mobile applications

You will also discover many further features including a product catalogue (power tools and accessories), vendor locator and make contact with details for Bosch Professional.

This app is offered free of charge by Bosch Power Tools, the main producer of energy instruments for trade and industry.

All Bosch Professional apps are of course of the similar old excessive Bosch high quality.

It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.

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