ATLAS Subco Portal

ATLAS Subco Portal

By Nokia Apps Distribution LLC

ATLAS Subco PortalATLAS Subco Portal

ATLAS SubCo permits Nokia subcontractor technicians to work on WOs assigned through mobile!

The app offers the simplest, convenient, easy-to-use way for a technician to examine and replace WOs.


1- View WO information (WO reference number, website A code, customer, project, status, Nokia contact, acquired date, accepted date, start date, and end date of the WO).

2- View web site info (A B) details (site identify, site code, buyer, zone, city, location, zip code, longitude, latitude, website tackle, web site contact, and remark of the site).

3- Acknowledge WOs and set milestones to be despatched to SubCo SPOCs.

4- Exchange documents with SDT by way of a doc administration module: upload and obtain.

5- Add and delete contingencies.

6- View services and their items.

7- Receive notifications for the following actions: (SDT sent WO to SubCo, SPOC assigned milestones, contingencies, and WOs to technician, SPOC sent a text notification to a technician, SPOC deleted all knowledge of ATLAS from a technician's profile).

8- Work offline after saving WO.

9- Receive assist, which is provided per page for steerage.

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