By BrightHR


Blip is a free app for BrightHR clients. It lets you easily track your employees’ work hours and places on the go. Here’s how it works:


Use the app to create a geofence—a digital boundary—around your workplace. Then, when your employees enter or leave the geofence, Blip picks up their location and asks them to clock in or out, helping you to know precisely where your employees have labored and how long for.

QR codes

Alternatively, you can use Blip’s good scanning system to report your employees’ work hours as an alternative.

Your workers use Blip to scan a QR code—a type of barcode—when they arrive and leave work. Then, each time they scan the code, Blip will register them as clocked in or out. It’s that easy.


Blip makes it easy to trace breaks, too. At the faucet of a button, your employees can log the beginning and finish of their breaks, so you'll have the ability to see how lengthy and the way often they take downtime.

How Blip helps you:

- Check your employees’ work hours and observe their location instantly.

- Keep a watch in your employees’ breaks and ensure they’re getting enough downtime.

- Change an incorrect shift or break time in a couple of quick taps.

- Create multiple places and simply monitor the place your workers have worked.

- View a full history of an employee’s work hours and filter the date range easily.

- Export the work history for an individual or group and put it aside as a spreadsheet in your information.

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