StockApp: Easy Inventory m-POS

StockApp: Easy Inventory m-POS

By StockApp Ltd

StockApp: Easy Inventory m-POSStockApp: Easy Inventory m-POSStockApp: Easy Inventory m-POSStockApp: Easy Inventory m-POSStockApp: Easy Inventory m-POS

With ZERO setup cost and NO ADS, this simple app can handle your companies even while you're away. Keep observe of your inventory/stock, gross sales, expenses profit analysis whereas saving your time cash utilizing your cellphone.

Enjoy 7 days free usage and get 50% low cost at $2.5 for the primary month whenever you lengthen usage.

Data is synced throughout all your units ie. Phone, laptop tablets;

It can be used in small shops for gross sales and purchase administration.

Business homeowners with multiple businesses use it to watch every thing from one account from anywhere.

Big firms can use it to record and export PDF reviews of merchandise or transactions.

Employees / Shop Attendants can easily enter gross sales from their telephones.

Can comfortably management up to 5000 stock items out of your gadget.

Shop Owner has all the ability.


1. Stock/Inventory manager , Transfer Import Grouping function,

2. Sales Manager, Barcodes scan, Receipt Printing/Download , Share anywhere.

3. Employees Manager.

4. Profit Expenses manager.

5. Cash flow supervisor, Fast Slow-moving merchandise.

6. Automated information backup each 6 hrs, Data is synced in the cloud.

7. Supplier Customers supervisor can call/sms/whatsapp them.

8. Export daily, weekly, monthly yearly records as pdf/excel.

9. Use your pc from our net app at

10. Employees Shop managers dashboard. Multiple workers can enter sales and expenses. Multiple managers entry.

eleven. Ability to handle multiple businesses.

13. You can lockout workers from accessing it at specific instances.

14. Full-time assist Free updates

15. Works in both offline and online mode.

16. Your information is accessible from all your gadgets.

17. Attendant Logs Recycle bin.

18. Sales , Edits Deletes Notification.

19. Manage Expired or expiring Items.

20. Range Dates Analysis.

21. Export all records to pdf/excel

22. Product Images.

23. Manage products with expiries, bad inventory , lost stock, dead inventory, returned shares and sales.

24. And a lot more.v

Monitor your business from wherever in real-time using your cellphone. Thank You.

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