US Amateur Radio Band Plan

US Amateur Radio Band Plan

By Karson Odette

US Amateur Radio Band PlanUS Amateur Radio Band PlanUS Amateur Radio Band PlanUS Amateur Radio Band PlanUS Amateur Radio Band Plan

A clean native app that's sole function is to offer novice radio operators a easy and easy to use subject guide to the US Ham radio band plan.


• Quick reference of band and privilege restrictions

• Tailored bandplans on your license class

• Graphical illustration of the newbie radio bands and licensee privileges for US ITU Region 2

• ARRL's gentleman's agreements

• Native tablet layouts

• US callsign lookup

• • Canada, Germany, Australia, and The Czech Republic are partially supported

• Frequencies for non-amateur services:

• • CB

• • FRS

• • GMRS

• • Maritime Radiofacsimile Service

• • MURS

• • NIST Time and Frequency

• • NOAA Radio

Coming Soon:

• More calling frequencies

• Layout improvements

• Emission Type Search

• More non-amateur services of interest

• Backend improvements

• Legacy license kind hiding

• Move the band restrictions to a subscreen

Concerning Feedback:

I simply wanted to say that I am eager to hear everybody's suggestions, positive and adverse. If you have a question, suggestion, critique, ect, please either e-mail me or write a evaluate and I'll see what I can do.

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