Death Note. The complete series

Death Note. The complete series

By La perle noire

Death Note. The complete seriesDeath Note. The complete seriesDeath Note. The complete series

Young Light Yagami is disillusioned with the brutal world round him. He wants to vary one thing, bring justice and punish criminals. One day, a mysterious black notebook falls into his palms, the Death Note. It is claimed that everyone whose identify is written in this guide dies. Fascinated, Light puts the Death Note to the check and shortly cannot reside without it. But his actions don't go unnoticed...

Actors and actresses: Arnaud Arbessier, Thibaut Belfodil, Nathalie Bleynie, Denis Boileau, Emmanuelle Bondeville, Paul Borne, Vincent de Boüard, Mathieu Buscatto, Georges Caudron, Raphaël Cohen, Lola Creton, Maïk Darah, Charlotte Daroux, Catherine Davenier, Benjamin Egner, Hubert Drac, Cédric Dumond, Philippe Dumond, Emmanuel Garijo, Yann Garouel, Nadine Girard, Nessym Guetat, Loïc Houdré, Jean-Baptiste Jeannot, Emmanuel Karsen, Virginie Kartner, Dominique Kieffer, Mathias Kozlowski, Daniel Lafourcade, Laurent Larcher, Guillaume Lebon, Sylvain Lemarie, Marianne Leroux, Jean-François Pages, Charles Pestel, Charlyne Pestel, Maud Rudigoz, Thomas Sagols, Odile Schmitt, Julien Sibre, Audrey Sourdive, Pierre Tessier, Alexis Tomassian, Maud Vincent.

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