Thelema 93

Thelema 93

By Noon Shy LLC

Thelema 93Thelema 93Thelema 93Thelema 93Thelema 93

Thelema 93 is a collection of tools for the practicing Thelemite and ceremonial magician.

• View, and replica, the current Thelemic date.

• See the calculated daily occasions for the stations of the Sun to have the ability to time your apply of Liber Resh.

• See the calculated daily instances for the stations of the Moon to have the ability to time your practices like recitation of the Gayatri Mantra.

• Use the compass and locator to seek out your bearing in path of Boleskine House, should you prefer to use it for East in your practices.

• A gematria calculator -- with a Hebrew keyboard that uses a standard script font that you'll be familiar with.

• An isopsephy calculator -- Greek gematria.

• A set of Tattva cards to assist your apply of concentration and mastery of the Astral.

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