Slavic-Aryan Calendar

Slavic-Aryan Calendar

By Vodia

Slavic-Aryan CalendarSlavic-Aryan CalendarSlavic-Aryan CalendarSlavic-Aryan CalendarSlavic-Aryan Calendar

Ancient Slavic-Aryan Calendar-Hours (Kolyadi Dar) with a converter: numerology, Slavic horoscope and rather more.

Goy thou! We present to your attention the application Slavic-Aryan Calendar (Kolyada Dar, Daarisky Krugolet Chislobog) - the traditional calendar of our ancestors of the Old Believers.

Calendar-Clock contains a time converter and settings, the calendar interface is clickable. With it, you can determine your date of delivery in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan chronology, see a description of an individual by date of birth, find out underneath the influence of which chamber you had been born and your patron God, decide your qualities by the priestly sq., and in addition find out what vacation right now Old Believers rejoice.

In addition, within the utility you will find an outline of the calendar and attention-grabbing articles that can expand your horizons and, maybe, change your idea of ​​​​this World.

The menu has 21 headings:

1) About the calendar

2) The affect of the Svarog Circle

3) Halls and their Patrons

4) Halls of the Svarog Circle


5) Interpretation of Krugolet Years

6) Eastern System

7) Calendar techniques of Europe

8) Years as a substitute of Summer

9) Years

10) The Age of the Fox

11) Numerology

12) Birthdays

13) Hours and Parts of Birth

14) Symbol of the Old Faith

15) Creation of the World

16) Far Away

17) Resettlement from Daarii

18) Modern Atlanteans

19) Laws of Rita

20) Energonic type of blood

21) Holidays

The utility calculates the time and converts from a hundred AD. to A.D. 275760 in offline mode.

Added a table type of the calendar.

Added a new enlarged view of the clock with the power to change its dimension (it is beneficial to show the display to panorama orientation).

settings, the Shift function has been added, with which you can set the clock in accordance with local time (according to the Sun), as nicely as right the inaccurate display of time for some foreign time zones.

An analog clock has been added counterclockwise.

All your wishes might be taken under consideration.

Don't overlook to verify out my other purposes.

Enjoy your use!

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