Quran Bosnian Audio mp3 app

Quran Bosnian Audio mp3 app

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Quran Bosnian Audio mp3 appQuran Bosnian Audio mp3 app

Quran With Bosnian Translation. The Qur'an is the holy book of Islam. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the guide of God revealed to his last Prophet Muhammad. The interval of revelation began with Muhammad’s mission and lasted simply earlier than the tip of his life, from 610 to 632 AD. This interval of 23 years is split into a interval of 13 years of publication in Mecca and 10 in Medina. Discover the Qur’an, the common divine message for all mankind, now obtainable free of charge and in your language! The Qur’an displays Muslim beliefs and legal guidelines. He is the supply of the faith of every Muslim. It pertains to God’s relationship with His creatures, and offers guidance with training for an sincere society and proper human conduct. The Qur'an emphasizes its magnificence, poetry and literary excellence.


Flexible interface

Audio Qur'an without web connection. Availability of audio Qur'an anytime and anyplace Reciting famous Qur'an

Audio Qur'an. Mp3 Qur'an

Read and take heed to the Holy Qur'an offline

114 Qur'an Qur'an

Work online and offline


Read the entire Qur'an on your smartphone at any time

Listen and learn the Qur'an

Free Quran Mp3 Audio

Full text Quran

Quran offers native search

Available for all Android devices

Al-Quran provides to extend the font without breaking words

Al-Qur'an text with all suras in English only.

Al-Qur'an all suras with listening to audio / MP3 recordings.

Clear text and sound


Easy to understand

Easy navigation

Background player operate: hear while the screen is off.

Change the font dimension for user visibility.


Share from the app

one hundred pc free

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