FAP Premium

FAP Premium

By Grigory Ovinkin

FAP PremiumFAP PremiumFAP Premium

The Collection of Federal Aviation Regulations of the Russian Federation accommodates the principle documentation of the air laws of the Russian Federation, has a nice interface and easy navigation. Searching for words in a separate a half of the document, in the whole document, in addition to in all paperwork will let you easily discover the specified section of the desired doc.

The FAP assortment contains:

- The Air Code of the Russian Federation

- FP for using the airspace of the Russian Federation (order No. 138)

- FAP Air traffic management within the Russian Federation (order No. 293)

- FAP Preparation and performance of flights in civil aviation of the Russian Federation (Order No. 128)

- FAP Procedure for radio communication within the airspace of the Russian Federation (Order No. 362)

- FAP Requirements for aircraft crew members, aircraft maintenance specialists and Civil Aviation Flight Support Officers (Order No. 147)

- FAP General Rules for the Air Transportation of Passengers, Baggage, Cargo and Requirements for Servicing Passengers, Consignors, Consignees (Order No. 82)

- FAP Provision of meteorological info to assist aircraft flights (order No. 60)

- FAP Radio technical assist for plane flights and aviation telecommunications in civil aviation (order No. 297)

- FAR of flights in the airspace of the Russian Federation (order No. 136/42/51)

- and others...

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