Situ Fazheng 2022 zodiac fortune

Situ Fazheng 2022 zodiac fortune

By 靈機現代科技館

Situ Fazheng 2022 zodiac fortuneSitu Fazheng 2022 zodiac fortune

Will 2022 be a wedding, a cheerful career, or a promotion and a fortune? The most accurate zodiac fortune APP for the Year of the Tiger, completely licensed by Situ Fazheng, is solemnly announced for you!

Situ Fazheng--Master Kanyu, the gold medalist of Macau casino; successively founded Macau Taoist Association, Chunfeng Taoist Temple, Chunfeng Road Liuren Fuying Hall, Chinese Metaphysics Taoism Research Institute, Wireless Most Popular Spirituality Host of this system Strange Archives; was honored by the Republic of Vanuatu as an honorary consul in Macau; obtained the Charity Achievement Award from the Thai Royal Family for a lot of occasions, and was awarded the reputation of Fortune and Fortune Star.

Situ Fazheng 2022 Zodiac Fortune In addition to the detailed rationalization of the traditional zodiac fortune, there is also a particular fortune that has been summed up by Situ Fazheng for a couple of years and has been improved several times. Methods, essentially the most eye-catching is of course essentially the most mysterious ancestral good luck feng shui array of Master Situ.

APP features

1. Situ Fazheng 2022 Zodiac Fortune APP includes fortune guide for the Year of the Tiger, zodiac fortune, Situ Fazheng's particular luck technique, good luck feng shui array, tiger Infant renamed Yiji and Zeji Tong wins six categories.

2. Situ Fazheng 2022 Zodiac Fortune APP also has Situ Fazheng's special magic amulet module, so that you just can additionally invite the grasp's magic symbol in your mobile phone.

3. Situ Fazheng 2022 Zodiac Fortune There can be a special module for selecting auspicious days within the APP. In simply two steps, you presumably can select various auspicious days for you to get married, transfer into a house, and open a business. You may even save the days you selected and share them together with your friends!

4. Situ Fazheng 2022 Zodiac Fortune In the APP, the attribute fortunate strategies and good luck feng shui array of the Year of the Tiger are collected, and the exclusive Feng Shui fortune secret method of Master Situ Fazheng is collected.

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