The rest of the good deeds are complete

The rest of the good deeds are complete

By Islamic Apps Center

The rest of the good deeds are completeThe rest of the good deeds are completeThe rest of the good deeds are completeThe rest of the good deeds are complete

The complete righteous remnants software, which is an software that consists of a set of supplications contained within the Book of righteous remnants, which have been arranged in a means that makes it easier for the reader to entry the supplication he is in search of, with simple lists and a collection of additions to the search bar and favorites record.

The remnants of righteous deeds app For all Android units, it was developed by the Islamic Application Center to assist the Muslim reach what he's on the lookout for when it comes to good remembrance and work. Completely coordinated book Al-Baqiyat Al-Salihah and accommodates the following:

1- We observe the actions of the night and day:

Concerning the morning between daybreak and sunrise

General comments

General comments


Commentary on the obligatory Hajj

A small part of what's accomplished through the day between sunrise and sunset

Attention is paid throughout sundown till bedtime

Attention From sleep and the night time prayer

In remembrances and supplications read morning and evening

In what is called every hour of the day

2- Prayers of the days On the authority of Imam al-Askari, peace be upon him, which is as follows:

The Saturday prayer - the day’s prayer Sunday - Monday prayer - Tuesday prayer - Wednesday prayer - Thursday prayer - Friday prayer. The present, the burial evening prayer, the child’s prayer for his mother and father, the prayer of the hungry, a prayer for self-talk, the prayer of istikhaarah with patches, prayer for the faith and for the sufficiency of the oppression of the sultan, the prayer of need, the prayer for duties, the prayer of hardship, a prayer to increase one’s livelihood, the prayer of the first want, the prayer of the second want, the prayer The third need, the fourth need prayer, the fifth need prayer, the distress prayer, the Hajj (peace be upon him) prayer within the Jamkaran mosque, the prayer of worry of injustice, the prayer for intelligence and the quality of memorization, the prayer for the forgiveness of sins, the prayer of the need and the prayer of forgiveness.

4- Supplications and invocations for ache and illnesses:

It consists of the next: a supplication for wellness, a supplication for illnesses, a supplication for headache, headache and deafness, a supplication for mouthache, a supplication for toothache, a supplication for belly ache and colic, a supplication for warts and tumors, a supplication for tough childbirth A prayer for the answer of the tied, a prayer for fever, a prayer for tenesmus, a prayer for abdomen rumbling, a prayer for lepers, a prayer for ache in the personal parts, a prayer for knee pain, a prayer for eye ache, p Wadha to invalidate magic, safety from the evil eye, a refuge to beat back the whispers of Satan, a refuge for safety from the thief, a refuge for the scorpion.

5- Selected supplications from the Book of Al Kafi Al Sharif: It is used in the morning and within the evening

In supplications which may be recited at bedtime and when paying consideration to it

In remembrance of several supplications by which an individual is supplicated when he leaves his house

In the aforementioned supplications for sustenance


In remembrance of supplications for religion

In remembrance of some of what has been mentioned of distress, distress, concern, and different things

In the afflictions of ills and diseases

In some persuasions and refuges

In brief supplications for all the wants of this world and the hereafter

6- The transient supplications and supplications:

Supplication of the carpets, peace be upon him

Excerpts from Muhaj al-Da`waat and al-Majtan

Munking with Istikharah

Munking with Resignation

Munking on Travel

Munking with Request for Sustenance

Summoning with Retirement Conversation with a request for repentance

Conversation with a request for Hajj

Conversation with a request to reveal injustice

Conversation with the request of God

Conversation with a request for defense Needs

In the traces of a number of the surahs and verses and mentioning various matters

In a few of the manners and supplications related to death

And I hope from you a brother And that you assist us by evaluating the appliance to have the ability to at all times offer you the most effective,

And do not forget us from your sincere prayers and Al-Fatihah for all of the souls of the devoted and believing women,

And prayers and peace be upon essentially the most honorable creation and messengers, our Prophet Muhammad and his pure family.

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