Wise Parables Great Thoughts

Wise Parables Great Thoughts

By Мудрые слова, мысли, цитаты, афоризмы

Wise Parables Great ThoughtsWise Parables Great ThoughtsWise Parables Great Thoughts

The finest parables for every single day about life, success, wealth, relationships. Aphorisms, quotes and sayings of nice folks collected from all over the world in a single application!

Proverbs are clever thoughts and data collected in short stories.

On the pages of this application you will discover many fascinating thoughts which can change your angle to life and show it from the opposite facet.

For the application, probably the most fascinating and greatest parables are chosen, that are full of wisdom, information and secrets of a profitable life. This application is a book with solutions to the most important questions on our life, self-development, cash, relationships and our place on the earth. The wisest books are collected collectively within the form of attention-grabbing and instructive parables.

The best parables for kids, modern parables, parables of King Solomon, Jewish parables, Muslim parables, Orthodox parables, parables about Jesus Christ, parables about Buddha in a single software and all this is out there for free in a handy format.

Each parable has its personal distinctive that means and leads the reader to solutions to probably the most interesting questions regarding our lives. Interesting plots will make you think seriously and make reading extremely interesting.

Features of the applying in which you'll:

• Read the most effective parables

• Create list of favourite parables ❤️

• Change background and font dimension

• Receive day by day motivational quotes ⏰

• Enjoy studying parables with user-friendly design

Enjoy reading

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