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Editorial Shem Tob brings you a new means of studying


With this new App you should have access to each of the Mishnayot

in Hebrew and Phonetics simultaneously, with simultaneous translation, rationalization and comments in Spanish.

You will have the flexibility to study each Mishna guided by an audio with the reason and comments in Spanish.

You can obtain the information in your Smartphone to review everytime you want


What is the Mishnah?

The Mishnah belongs to the Torah oral, however when Rabbi Yehuda Hanasí noticed that the generations have been degenerating, that the variety of college students was decreasing increasingly, that the Roman Empire was increasing and the folks of Israel were dispersed throughout the world, he suspected that the Oral Torah. So, along with the Bet Din, he edited the Mishnah based on what we acquired at Mount Sinai so that by way of this it might not be forgotten for all generations.

(Ramba”m in the introduction to his guide Yad Hajazaka).

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