The Signs of the End Times

The Signs of the End Times

By Charni

The Signs of the End TimesThe Signs of the End TimesThe Signs of the End TimesThe Signs of the End TimesThe Signs of the End Times

“They ask you concerning the Hour: When will it take place? Say: the science of the Hour belongs to My Lord. He alone will reveal the time period. The secrecy that surrounds it weighs on the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth. It can not surprise you apart from unexpectedly. They question you as should you have been informed! Say: Only God knows about it! but most men are ignorant. » Koran (7, 187).

A Bedouin questioned the Messenger of God — be upon him grace and peace —: « When will the Hour take place?

Assuming she is already here, what have you ready for this moment? replied the Prophet

By God, O Messenger of God, replied the Bedouin, I really have not multiplied both prayers or pious works, but I love God and His Messenger. — Rejoice, you will be reunited with these you loved! (Bukhari.)

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