Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver

By MPD Bailey Technology

Anagram SolverAnagram SolverAnagram SolverAnagram SolverAnagram Solver


★ Super fast search of over four hundred,000 words and phrases

★ Multi-word anagrams

★ Blank letters for board games

★ Powerful filters to refine your results

★ Look up phrase definitions


Try moonstarer to search out astronomer, also finds smaller phrases such as resonator and tearooms.


Use to characterize clean letters, enter scrabb to find crabbers and scrabble.


Hold a word to convey up a listing of websites to look for the phrase definition, alternatively just press the search icon next to a word. Also works with the free English Dictionary Offline app.


Narrow down your results using filters, you can allow phrases that begin with, end with, contain or exclude certain letters. A powerful characteristic when you have to discover words that match with other tiles on the sport board.


Use . to represent a lacking letter, attempt c....w... to search out clockwork and crossword


Search over 100K built-in phrases, try m.... ... ...... to search out motte and bailey, miles per gallon and milky way galaxy


Green letters use the crossword search, eg ..e.t

Grey letters, add them to the Excludes Letters filter

Yellow letters, add them to the Contains Letters filter


Spelling Bee puzzles are where you solely use the letters supplied however as many occasions as you want. Try $qntuaei to search out: quinquina, aquanaut and queenie


Scroll via the information for fast reminders of all the features. There can be an internet user guide exhibiting you tips on how to use the app that will help you with your favorite games.


German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese phrase lists can be found. The app additionally has two purpose built word lists for US and World Scrabble®. You can change the word list within the settings menu.

Anagram Solver isn't affiliated with any apps or games mentioned here and is solely a utility for serving to you discover phrases and definitions.

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