Ramadan boards

Ramadan boards

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Ramadan boardsRamadan boardsRamadan boards

Ramadan Majlis

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Application Ramadan Majlis is a message A abstract of the provisions of Ramadan, its traits, and the virtues of fasting, and it isn't devoid of sermons and advice that every Muslim needs, and the advocate and teacher profit from. It is about Ramadan councils, and scientific lessons for the honorable Sheikh Abi Abdul Rahman Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Eryani, could God defend him.

Application features:

► Easy to browse the text

► Quick Options Menu

► Book Search Feature

► Add Text to Bookmarks

► No Internet Connection Needed

► Sharing through social networks and e-mail

► Countdown to the entry and exit of Ramadan

✦ Ramadan is a great, blessed month, in which God has legislated fasting, the consequences of which we discover the blessed phenomenon in society.

✦ Fear God, O Muslim, and also you, O Muslim, and do not waste the opportunity of Ramadan, so that you simply bring upon yourselves humiliation and resentment.

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