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The Muslim Zad Program, the program consists of everything a Muslim needs every day from supplications and remembrances along with other Islamic topics similar to, the supplication of sealing the Qur’an, the nuclear forty, Hajj and Umrah, golden alternatives, sleep remembrances, prayer remembrances, numerous remembrances, in addition to Topics for studying, including the complete biography of the Prophet, the whole stories of the prophets, the stories of the companions, the flags of Islam, and extra helpful Islamic miscellaneous that we leave you to find within the program. We in Zad Al-Muslim program have made certain that this system is named after its title and that it's simple to browse and skim, and trendy technologies have been supported within the presentation such as the new Retina system, and the appliance works on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In the iPad version, the application helps browsing the program in panorama or portrait mode.

Program features:

1- Free and light in size

2- Two colours for studying through the day or at evening

3- High-quality graphics

4- Possibility to increase or lower the font from settings

5- Possibility to share the program with friends by way of textual content message or Twitter

6- All the supplications that a Muslim needs for the day and night

6- The Complete Biography of the Prophet

7- The Complete Stories of the Prophets

8- The Legitimate Ruqyah

Zad Almuslim app for Muslims, It has all what the Muslim wants each day like Athkar, Duaa, Quran, Hadeeth, as well as subjects for reading like the Biography of the Prophet PBUH, including a complete full stories of the Prophet, peace be upon him, tales of the Companions of the Prophet, and extra helpful Islamic stuff which we'll allow you to discover inside the app. We have taken care within the graphics, as was the support of modern technologies in this app similar to retina display for iphone4 customers.The application works on iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad. In the Ipad version the app help the Portrait and Landscape view.

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