Quran. 44 Languages Text Audio

Quran. 44 Languages Text Audio

By ClearQuran

Quran. 44 Languages Text AudioQuran. 44 Languages Text AudioQuran. 44 Languages Text AudioQuran. 44 Languages Text AudioQuran. 44 Languages Text Audio

A Great App for searching the Quran, learning the Quran, listening, memorizing, looking.

- Full-featured Quran App

- Over 100 Quran translations

- Clear recitations

- Beautiful audio

- Multilingual Search

- Synchronized textual content audio

- Parallel textual content option

- Scalable font

- Bookmarks

- Share from App

- Night day modes

- Online offline operations

- Easy to use

- Fast

- Lightweight

- No ads

- Always Free

- Joy to use

Supported Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Indonesian, Hindi, German, Russian, Turkish, Persian, Chinese, French, Thai, Bosnian, Spanish, Italian, Transliteration, Amharic, Malay, Azerbaijani, Amazigh, Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech, Divehi, Hausa, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Malayalam, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Sindhi, Somali, Albanian, Swedish, Swahili, Tamil, Tajik, Tatar, Uyghur, Uzbek.

Supported Recitations: Al-Afasy, Abdul Bassit (Mujawwad), Abdul Bassit (Murattal), Al-Hussary, Ash-Shuraym, Al-Ghamdi, Minshawy, Al-Hudhaify, Ash-Shateri, Al-Ajamy, Al-Banna, Almuaikali, Ar-Rifai, Abbad, Jaber, Ad-Dussary, Ayyoub, Basfar, English: ITANI - God, English: ITANI - Allah, Persian: Makarem, Persian: Fooladvand, English: Sahih International.

The Quran is the phrase of Allah, revealed to humanity, though the Messenger Muhammad. The Quran is the direct speech of Allah, to the reader. The Quran incorporates steerage, mercy, and healing. It is the eternal truth, the eternal miracle. The Quran is past doubt from the Lord of the Universe.

Allah is the Creator of the Heavens and Earth. He is the Supreme, the Almighty, the Wise. Allah was by no means begotten, nor does He ever beget others. He is the Lord of the Worlds, the Most High, the Forgiving. Out of his Mercy, he communicated with humanity, and knowledgeable humanity about His existence.

Amazing App for the Amazing Book.

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