Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid


Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid is an APP designed to function a guide and reminder for volunteers trained in first help techniques and fundamental life support.

It tries to collect the primary conditions that a lifeguard might encounter. It does not replace any technical manual or the required training.

All actions must begin from the premise that you realize what you're doing and you are trained for it. Never make a situation worse or put an individual in danger by performing with out the necessary data and training.

In pressing conditions, at all times call 112.


■ First Aid: What are they?, PAS habits, basic first help kit.

■ Vital signs.

■ CPR.


■ Shock.

■ Hemorrhages.

■ Wounds.

■ Treatment of wounds.

■ Contusions.

■ Crush syndrome.

■ Burns.

■ Frostbite.

■ Failures in thermoregulation.

■ Fractures.

■ Sprains.

■ Dislocation.

■ Muscle strain.

■ Trauma to the skull and spine.

■ Serious trauma.

■ Other emergencies:

Acute chest pain.


Acute abdominal ache.

Lipotymia or syncope.


Febrile seizures.

Seizure of epilepsy.

Attack of hysteria.

Intoxic tions.

Stings and bites.

Recommended for volunteers from rescue groups, Civil Protection, Red Cross and any first responder who has acquired formal coaching in First Aid and Basic Life Support.

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