Encyclopedia of Islam

Encyclopedia of Islam

By Ertugrul Özdemir

Encyclopedia of IslamEncyclopedia of IslamEncyclopedia of IslamEncyclopedia of IslamEncyclopedia of Islam

Islamic Encyclopedia This Encyclopedia has 6 volumes and its subjects are listed alphabetically.. Wishing you, our esteemed Muslim brothers and sisters, to benefit. >

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32. The Book Together.....


1. Shamil Encyclopedia of Islam

2. The Holy Quran

3. Translation of the Holy Quran

4. Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

5. Religious Catechism

6. Encyclopedia of Fiqh

7. Encyclopedic Name Dictionary

8. Kutub-i Sitte

9. Religious Stories

10.Prayer Master

11. The Source of Peace is Family

12. Halal and Haram

13. Harams to be avoided

14. 365 Days of Prayer

15. Questions and Answers

16. The Holy Quran -Turkish Translation

17. Dictionary of Religion

18. ninety nine Esmaül Hüsna

19 . Hajj and Umrah

20. 60 The Life of the Companions

21. Earth Stars

22. Safety and Driver's License

23. Religious Advice

24. Our Ethics of Curiosity

25. Dream Interpretations

26. Faith in Islam

27. Women in Islam

28. To Muslim Youth

29. Prayers and Dhikrs

30. forty Verses and 40 Hadiths

31. Signs of Doomsday

32. Riyazus-Salihin

In abstract, within the Shamil Encyclopedia of Islam, we tried to place forth all our power so that Muslims would have a sound and sound belief and study their faith clearly and without errors.

After all this, we are saying that perfection belongs to Allah again, and we expect our readers to gauge our shortcomings with out mercy, and to report our mistakes with none heart or thoughts. Only in this way will our work mature and we will be handing down much less faulty works to the following generations.

As people who imagine in the sanctity of every effort and work, we leave all our readers alone with the encyclopedia, whereas we sincerely applaud all the work done on this concern, particularly in a difficulty that concerns Allah's religion. In the meantime, I wish to express my gratitude to our dear brother, the proprietor of the publishing home, Mr. Duran Kömiircü, for his persistence and efforts within the publication of this work, and to all my brothers who contributed to the preparation of this work. Our wish is primarily the consent of Allah, a honest coronary heart and a work without hypocrisy.

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