The Holy Quran with meanings and interpretations

The Holy Quran with meanings and interpretations

By Higher Kingdom

The Holy Quran with meanings and interpretationsThe Holy Quran with meanings and interpretationsThe Holy Quran with meanings and interpretationsThe Holy Quran with meanings and interpretationsThe Holy Quran with meanings and interpretations

This program offers you a cushty method to learn the Noble Qur’an with the appendix of the Book of Exegesis for Preachers and Preachers, authored by Sheikh Muhammad Huwaidi and other interpretations (The Balance in the Interpretation of the Qur’an, Bringing the Qur’an to Mind, Majma` al-Bayan in the Interpretation of the Qur’an, the Interpretation of Noor al-Thaqalayn), clarifying the meanings of the Qur’an The strange with chosen narrations related to the subject of one of the verses of that page of the Glorious Qur’an

Some features that are less current in the applications of the Holy Qur’an and other interpretation packages:

* Quoting and coloring phrases with the flexibility to add notes on the phrase Quoted

*Listen to the recitation of the Qur’an whereas studying the voice of 18 famous reciters

* Navigate by way of the pages with out the necessity to touch the verses of the Holy Book.

* Enlarge the font of the Qur’an The Holy Qur’an is reduced to massive sizes while maintaining the show of all lines inside the area and width of the display screen.

* The risk of changing the background colour of the writing to the evening mode.

* With each web page of the Holy Qur’an comparable to a web page of vocabulary meanings. .

* With the appendix of selected narrations associated to the subject of one of many verses of that page of the Holy Qur’an

* The chance of copying and pasting the texts of the Holy Qur’an with For actions and texts of interpretation and its participation in social networking applications or different applications.

* Search for a phrase or word throughout the Holy Qur’an and interpret the verses containing that word with a number of interpretations

* Translate the verses of the Noble Qur’an into the language English

*The Holy Qur’an with the meanings of the phrases program consists of an objective index of the narrations at the finish of the book to make it easier for the researcher and reader to extract narrations and verses associated to any subject.

Holy Quran with dictionary and tafsir

Tafsir AlMueen Lilwaetheen wal-Muttaetheen for Sheikh Mohammed Huwaidi

This program is offering a particular dictionary for the which means of the strange phrases within the Quran in each web page, and Arabic Tafsir books like 'Tafsir Al- Mueen Lilwaetheen wal-Muttaetheen' for and Sheikh Mohammed Huwaidi , Almizan Fi Tafsir Alquran , Taqreeb Alquran ila Alathhan , Magma' Albayan fi Tafsir Alquran and Tafsir Noor Althaqalayn.

It incorporates a number of options which are hardly ever found in different Quran and Tafsir Apps, like:

* English translation of the Holy Q uran

* Moving via the Holy Quran Pages with out touching the phrases of the Quran.

* Text Resizing of the Quran without tilting the cellphone to the landscape mode with retaining the size of the strains contained in the width of the screen.

* Changing the color of the background into the evening mode.

* With every web page there is a web page for the meanings of chosen phrases of the Holy Quran.

* With every web page of the Quran, there is one other page containing the Arabic dictionary for selected troublesome words. Moreover, there's a listing of Ahadith on a specific topic of one of the Ayats of that page

* Copy and Paste for the Quran and Tafsir text and the power to share it with different social media or other apps

* Search a phrase or a word contained in the Quran and Tafsir those Ayat .

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