Amharic Bible - Bible

Amharic Bible - Bible

By fyn systems (Yohannes Ejigu)

Amharic Bible - BibleAmharic Bible - BibleAmharic Bible - BibleAmharic Bible - BibleAmharic Bible - Bible

Amharic bible with Audio and all necessary function for bible examine and non secular growth.


✅ Search the Bible

✅ Highlight Bible verses with totally different colors

✅ Attach your notes to any Bible verse with built-in Amharic keyboard

✅ Strong's Greek and Hebrew lexicon with concordance

✅ Reading plans to review and finish Amharic Bible in one year

✅ Easy to make use of navigation and appealing interface for greatest experience of reading Holy Bible in Amharic.

✅ Daily Bible verse

✅ Share bible verses through SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp or Messenger etc

✅ Offline Amharic Bible - All books of Old testomony and New testomony are available

✅ Learn the life and ministry of Jesus christ and other prophets and acts with well designed interface.

This Amharic bible is ready with Great Care to provide the most right and simple to make use of Amharic Bible app. we hope you will like it.


❤ Daily Amharic Bible reading plan added

❤ Chronological or Canonical and other short time period plans like Psalms, Proverbs and Gospel.

❤ make Amharic Bible verse picture wallpapers

❤ every day Amharic Bible verses

❤ Amharic Bible research instruments like cross reference

❤ Amharic Bible comparison with different translations

❤ inbuilt Amharic keyboard for search and notice taking

❤ New Amharic bible themes

❤ Well designed and fast interface for finest bible studying expertise.

❤ Better search with multi word query and skill to change search bible both Amhara bible or other translation.

Download most beloved Amharic Bible free of charge and research the bible. Share the word of God in Amharic or another bible translation out there for download. Truly made with love for Ethiopian Christian folks to develop spiritually and dig deep in to phrase of God in Amharic.

God bless you all please share this wonderful Holy Bible in Amharic.

Share this wonderful app! Amharic Bible audio - መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ከድምጽ ጋር

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