KeyChord - Piano Chords/Scales

KeyChord - Piano Chords/Scales

By Umito

KeyChord - Piano Chords/ScalesKeyChord - Piano Chords/ScalesKeyChord - Piano Chords/ScalesKeyChord - Piano Chords/ScalesKeyChord - Piano Chords/Scales

The 2.0 model has been featured on Google Play and made it to the top promoting list!!

Keychord is the dynamic dictionary / reference app for piano chords and scales. Use it to find all of the scales and chords! Also included is a 88 key multitouch piano!

In quick:

Easy digital keyboard to lookup and mess around with all chords and scales. Lots of chordtypes and scaletypes to select from. Also reverse lookup and employees view.

Included is the 7 octave scrollable multitouch minipiano with 128 totally different sounds from Mini Piano Pro.


- 50 ChordTypes

- 100 ScaleTypes

- Note Names

- Component Intervals

- Reverse Chord Scale Lookup, including Partial Chords

- Inversions / Slashed Chords

- Staff View

- Favorite and recent Chordtypes

- Hear every Chord and Scale

- Full 88 key multitouch virtual piano from Mini Piano Pro

- Record songs as midi and set them as ringtone

In detail:

KeyChord is built round a digital keyboard that you can use to work together with the chosen chord- or scaletype. You can for example faucet on a key to make it the basis of the chord or you'll find a way to longpress a specific chordnote to invert the chord to that position. Same goes for scales. Tap a already chosen rootnote for different sort of information modes like note-names or intervals.

Everything is dynamic, we do not use a database to offer you a quantity of predefined chord locations, but we all know how a chord works and let you choose a chord in all places you need.

To add to the dynamic nature of this app, we also included a reverse lookup, both for chords and scales. Easily select the notes of the chord you bear in mind (or have discovered in your piano) and let KeyChord let you know how it's known as. It supports even missing notes (Like CMaj7 (no 5th)).

Audio playback can be enabled in all modes.

As bonus the playable piano from Mini Piano Pro (128 sounds and 5 octaves) is included.

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