As Salat Maliki madhab

As Salat Maliki madhab

By Al Bayt Al Haqq

As Salat Maliki madhabAs Salat Maliki madhabAs Salat Maliki madhabAs Salat Maliki madhab

As Salat Maliki madhab is an software regarding prayer based on the teachings of the Malikite school.

Prayer or Salat in Arabic is of specific significance since it's the essence even worship in Islam. It constitutes the direct hyperlink between the servant and His Creator. Performed based on the principles of the artwork, it nourishes, soothes and heals the souls.

Recite what's revealed to you from the Book and perform the prayer (As-Salat). In truth the prayer (As-Salat) preserves from turpitude and blame. And the remembrance of Allah is definitely the greatest. And Allah knows what you are doing. (Qur'an, verse 29 of Surah The Spider)

Features of the applying:

- Detail of the weather composing the Salat

- Description of the Salat

- Salat error correction tool

- No Ads

- Offline

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