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Children's Teaching Materials digital presentation APP features a series of youngsters's instructing materials issued by Taiwan Gospel Book Room. It is a set of character and religious education programs specifically designed for youngsters and children aged 3 to 12. A whole of 12 collection: Teachers There are 12 volumes of manuals, 9 volumes of parent-child image books and 30 volumes of parent-child manuals, suitable for use on Android telephones and tablets.

Children's Textbook (01) When I Was a Little Baby:

Applicable to: Kindergarten class. Forty-eight brief tales for children, that includes characters or animals, to help youngsters recognize the twelve human virtues within the Bible—diligence, cleanliness, gentleness, peace, humility, tolerance, pleasure, faith, kindness, long-suffering, obedience, self-control, There are four lessons in each unit, which bring in character coaching and the institution of daily routines. There are also six volumes of parent-child picture books, with pictures and texts, with Mandarin phonetic, eight stories in each quantity, together with two characters. For mother and father to narrate, but also for older kids to read.

Children's Textbook (02) Fruit of the Holy Spirit:

Applicable to: Kindergarten center class and final semester. Twenty-four true stories of the Bible and spiritual figures of all ages, position models of character. Teach character from parables and examples from the Bible, and develop children's character to get along properly with others. There are also three volumes of parent-child image books, each with eight stories.

Children's textbook (03) God created in the beginning:

Applicable to: Kindergarten middle class after semester. To inspire younger youngsters to know and respect God's wonderful and great creation from an early age, and study to concern, honor, reward, and thank God in every thing. There are also two parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbook (04) Look! I am a human:

Applicable to: Kindergarten class. Know and respect the middle of God's creation - man. Knowing that human beings have three elements, spirit, soul, and body and their functions; and then cherish oneself, and respect and love all folks.

There are additionally four parent-child handbooks.

Children's educating materials (05) Xiaoming Lantern:

Applicable to the first grade of elementary school. Know the varied interpersonal relationships and ranges arranged by God, and learn to get along with others from the instance of the characters. Cultivate kids to stay a correct human life, like a small beacon to disclose God. There are additionally four parent-child manuals.

Children's Teaching Materials (06) Ten Commandments:

Applicable to the second grade of elementary college. Knowing God, God's identify, God's being and attributes, and understanding the divine law - the Ten Commandments. Learn to fear God and obey God's words from an early age. There are additionally 4 parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbook (07) Clouds-Old Testament Characters:

Applicable to the third grade of elementary college. Know how the role models of the Old Testament characters are known as by God, stroll the greatest way of God's life, live a godly life, and turn out to be witnesses of faith, surrounded by clouds; inspire children to run the race to heaven. There are additionally 4 parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbook (08) Living Stone - New Testament Characters:

Applicable: The fourth grade of elementary faculty last semester. Introduce the function models of essential figures within the New Testament, cultivate children's will to comply with the Lord, love the Lord, preach the gospel and testify for the Lord throughout their lives, and then be perfected as residing stones for the building of the church. There are also two parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbook (09) The Beautiful God-Man Jesus:

Applicable: The next semester of the fourth grade of elementary school. Introduce the central character of the entire Bible—the life of the Lord Jesus Christ and the assorted processes He has gone by way of, to have the ability to recognize the Lord Jesus’ display of divine attributes within the virtues of humanity. There are additionally two parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbooks (10) Everyone Needs Jesus:

Applicable to: Grade 5. Knowing the fantastic id of the Lord—God, man, king, slave, and every little thing the Lord Jesus stated, did, and taught on earth can meet each human want. There are also four parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbook (11) The Road to Salvation:

Applicable: The sixth grade of elementary college final semester. Knowing the complete salvation that God has ready for man, and truly main kids to experience the finest way to salvation: repentance, perception, cry, and baptism. And know the Lord's Day, the breaking of bread, and the confirmation of salvation. There are also two parent-child manuals.

Children's Textbooks (12) Beginner's Journey:

Applicable: The next semester of the sixth grade of elementary faculty. Lead the children to reside a healthy church life, set up basic religious disciplines, stay a bodily life, and prophesy and preach the gospel for the Lord. Knowing the historical past of the church and the Lord's restoration prepares them to be the Lord's useful vessels. There are additionally two parent-child manuals.

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