Legend Book City

Legend Book City

By Infinite Stories

Legend Book CityLegend Book CityLegend Book CityLegend Book City

Legend Book City - Watch the legendary life and luxuriate in exquisite reading!

massive genuine

includes two classes of male frequency and female frequency, among which:

male frequency contains: urban soldier king, fantasy god of warfare, son-in-law rich man , system abilities, college lady girlfriend, CEO's wife, historic travel, rebirth from one other world, magical doctor perspective, unusual door physiognomy, workplace business warfare and other matters; Fast-moving instances, historical dramas, star leisure, sadistic sweet pets, genius cute treasures, youth campus, pure love, ghosts and different themes;

【complete functions】

1. Bookshelf: The reading historical past is stored in real time, replace reminders are synchronized in place, and the novel grouping is obvious and convenient;

2. Comments: chapter comments specific the thoughts instantly, great messages help mine clearing, and creator interplay is extra affectionate;

3. Bookstore: Featured e-book list suggestions, free wish books for a restricted time, spiritual appetite for e-book shortages;

4. Welfare: sign-in to get quests, free book coupons are available every day , and a variety of reward actions;

4. Account: Recharge, gift, reward and subscribe, each guide forex is recorded, and account transactions are clear at a look;

5. Login: WeChat Google Mail Fb, the account is tied to multi-channel login, and the ID is now not afraid of forgetting;

6. Reading page: you possibly can customize the font dimension, regulate the interface brightness, change the studying background, choose the typesetting fashion, and adjust the page turning Effects, and features similar to reverse directory order, day and night time mode, and add bookmark can bring more comfy selections for reading.

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