The Art of War Book by Sun Tzu

The Art of War Book by Sun Tzu

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The Art of War Book by Sun TzuThe Art of War Book by Sun TzuThe Art of War Book by Sun TzuThe Art of War Book by Sun TzuThe Art of War Book by Sun Tzu

Enjoy the guide 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu

The Art of War is a guide on military ways and technique written by the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu.

This work consists of thirteen chapters, each devoted to a side of warfare and how it applies to navy technique and techniques. You can get pleasure from this guide fully free on your Android system.

The following are the primary functionalities of the Art of War APP:

✨ Enjoy all of the chapters of the artwork of warfare free of charge.

✨ Automatic bookmark

✨ Selects the chapter through a navigation menu

Chapters and contents of the guide The Art of War

✨ Chapter I: Laying Plans

✨ Chapter II: Waging War

✨ Chapter III: Attack by Stratagem

✨ Chapter IV: Tactical Dispositions

✨ Chapter V: Use of Energy

✨ Chapter VI: Weak Points and Strong

✨ Chapter VII: Maneuvering an Army

✨ Chapter VIII: Variation of Tactics

✨ Chapter IX: The Army on the March

✨ Chapter X: Classification of Terrain

✨ Chapter XI: The Nine Situations

✨ Chapter XII: Attack by Fire

✨ Chapter XIII: Use of Spies

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