Reef App - Encyclopedia

Reef App - Encyclopedia

By Kasper Hareskov Tygesen

Reef App - EncyclopediaReef App - EncyclopediaReef App - EncyclopediaReef App - EncyclopediaReef App - Encyclopedia

Reef App is an encyclopedia, covering more than 800 marine fish and 35 widespread marine invertebrates.

Descriptions are written in a singular categorized manner which enables the reader to realize a fast overview.

While most species are coated in nice element, biological descriptions are left to the referenced articles, preserving the descriptions to what's related to aquarists.

Additional species will be added frequently.


• Search by common and Latin title.

• Filtering species based mostly on whether or not they are reef safe, peaceful or suitable for a certain kind of aquarium.

• Filtering by shade.

• Multiple units of measure supported


• English

• German

• Danish