The Bible - Louis Segond

The Bible - Louis Segond

By The Inspirational Bible Verse

The Bible - Louis SegondThe Bible - Louis SegondThe Bible - Louis SegondThe Bible - Louis SegondThe Bible - Louis Segond

We want to introduce you to the works of authors of classic literature in French at an inexpensive worth ✝️The Holy Bible✝️. The Holy Bible is a biblical translation in French is revised in 1910 (Segond). The Bible is within the public domain. Theologians agree that this translation is the masterpiece of one of the best Protestant Hebrew students of up to date instances.

The Bible is a set of texts considered as sacred to Judaism and Christianity. Different non secular groups embrace completely different books in their canons, in different order, and sometimes mix or divide certain books, or incorporate further material into the canonical books. Christian Bibles comprise between 66 books. The Bible brings collectively a group of very varied writings in sixty six books, divided between the Old and the New Testament.


★ ‎The Holy Bible in French sixty six books.

★ Easy Bible (New Testament, Old Testament, All)

★ Supports the mode of read bible and audio simultaneously

★ Set objectives and listen to the holy bible on-line

★ Helps you go straight to the half you read before.

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