Flange Pipe Dimensions

Flange Pipe Dimensions

By R Tech

Flange Pipe DimensionsFlange Pipe DimensionsFlange Pipe DimensionsFlange Pipe Dimensions

It may be very great tool for Engineers who offers with Pipes, Flanges and fittings dimensions in there daily life. The app is having the dimensions of many different standard as shown under:

1) Flanges ANSI B16.5

2) Flanges BS 10 Tables

3) Flanges for API (26 and bigger size)

4) Flanges of BS4504

5) Flanges (or Blind Flanges) as per DIN

6) Flanges as per IS6329

7) Flanges as per IS1538

8) Pipes as per IS1239

9) Pipes as per ANSI 36.10 dimensions and weight

10) Fitting Dimensions ( Butt weld reducer, tee, elbow, cap, stubs and so on.) Available in Pro Version

11) Screw fitting of 3000# and 6000# Available in Pro Version

12) Socket weld Fitting Available in Pro Version

13) Material Composition (SS plates and generally used material) Available in Pro Version

14) Equivalent material specification for different standards.Available in Pro Version

15) Allowable tolerances. Available in Pro Version

16) Weights and thickness for Plate, wire, rod and bars.Available in Pro Version

Disclaimer: this app is just for fast reference purpose solely, for actual values please confirm with std code. Please notify me when you discover and misprints. We invite your suggestion before ranking this app.

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