My mushrooms (mushroom identification)

My mushrooms (mushroom identification)

By Meine Pilze

My mushrooms (mushroom identification)My mushrooms (mushroom identification)My mushrooms (mushroom identification)My mushrooms (mushroom identification)My mushrooms (mushroom identification)

Delicious edible mushroom or toadstool?

My mushrooms clarifies that proper in the forest with no heavy mushroom e-book.

Test winner 2015 by the German Society for Mycology (DGfM): Best of 7 fungus identification apps, the one one with a constructive general ranking.

In-app purchases (on the app start page data and click shop)

LIGHT version (free): 5200 small photos of 368 mushrooms (of which 100 of 8 mushrooms are large), all features except personal copy

PRO version (only €4.99): activation of the 5200 large photos for all 368 mushrooms

EXPERT- Version (only 5.99€): 18500 mushroom names with out pictures and with out description, with display of personal copies of their mushroom books. Does NOT embody the PRO version!

No subscription, pay only as soon as, e.g. with the Google Play pay as you go card (from 15 €) from the supermarket

No advertising, no knowledge collection, no calling home, truthful price

Offline app you don't require internet!

All versions

- Photo search for quick shopping, with selection filters

- Characteristic search (mushroom determination) for characteristics of 221 mushrooms, very in depth, with explanatory pictograms

- Name search with adjustable search filters, unusual powerful

- mushroom book with chapters and table of contents

- references for 54 books: You know immediately which mushroom is described in which e-book becomes

- Your personal photos may be saved for each type of mushroom (image archive, mine)

- Notes in your own feedback on each kind and genus

- discover lists for all mushroom and genus names

- Mushroom dictionary with 1100 technical terms

- Survival quiz to get to know the mushrooms in a playful way

- Share of photographs, lists of finds, personal copies by way of messenger (WhatsApp, e mail, and so forth.)

- Exact GPS position to search out your mushrooms, with measuring desk sheet, quadrants, minute fields

- 368 descriptions with meals worth, short portrait, forms of confusion, literature references

- 221 of that are detailed descriptions with characteristic search

- Detailed assist texts with useful tips

- Poison emergency call with telephone numbers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- Collection suggestions so as to also enjoy your finds

PRO model only

- 5200 large photos of 368 species of mushrooms (PRO only)

EXPERT version only

- 18500 mushroom names and 2300 genus names without photos, without descriptions, with references to literature

- Private copy function Also browse beneath way in their very own, self-scanned mushroom books (observe copyright!)

- 2000 English mushroom names

Warning: Despite sturdy compression the app requires approx. 500 MB memory! That's only 0.1 MB per picture compared to the various MB of your digital camera. More about this in the FAQ's on my website.

Detailed mushroom descriptions with

- brief portrait

- edibility

- Cap

- Fruit layer (hymenium with tubes / lamellae / spines / other)

- Stalk

- Flesh

- Growth location and companion plants

- time of appearance

- confusion fungi (with differences and link!)

- spores

- micro-traits

- Notes on special features

- References to fifty four books (saves tedious browsing through tables of contents)

- German, scientific and English mushroom names

- Your own pictures and notes


- Internet site with FAQs, help texts, lists of mushroom names, etc. at

- Questions I'll be pleased to answer it by email (info (at)

- Please avoid rankings with lower than 5 stars. If you like to write an e mail, you may get a solution and I get the chance to fix bugs.

- All help texts as a printable PDF file on my web site. This is the way you get essentially the most out of the app.

In-app purchases can still be undone after weeks. For this I need your Google process number.

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