The Premium Conjugator

The Premium Conjugator

By Brewalan Le Dru

The Premium ConjugatorThe Premium ConjugatorThe Premium ConjugatorThe Premium ConjugatorThe Premium Conjugator

With Le Conjugueur, you possibly can conjugate all French verbs. It accommodates the conjugation for almost 9000 verbs. All the verbs are included and you don't have to be related to make use of it.

Verbs may be modified to display the next varieties:

- conjugation in feminine

- conjugation in passive mode

- question and negation

- find infinitive verb from a conjugated form

Around a hundred and fifty grammar rules are included to clarify how the French verb system is working and enhance your self fin spelling.

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With Le Conjugueur, you can conjugate all French verbs without being linked to Internet. It incorporates the conjugation for practically 9000 verbs.Other features:- conjugation in feminine- conjugation in passive mode- query and negation - discover a verb fro...