jurisprudence of professions

jurisprudence of professions

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jurisprudence of professionsjurisprudence of professionsjurisprudence of professions

To every individual with a career..

To each one that has a job..

God Almighty says Say: My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my demise belong to God, the Lord of the worlds, for the entire of the worlds is the lifetime of a Muslim. About working to achieve servitude to God Almighty.

And if the profession alone takes up nearly a 3rd of a person's life!! There is nothing lower than that an individual thinks rigorously about investing this lifetime in attaining achievements and successes, and that every one of that is a means for him in being close to God Almighty. And essential fatwas, which help the user to research the reality, rightness, perfection and charity in skilled work and jobs.

This software is produced and carried out by Zad Group and beneath the beneficiant sponsorship of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi Charitable Endowments.

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