Azan Zitouna Prayer times and Qibla

Azan Zitouna Prayer times and Qibla


Azan Zitouna Prayer times and QiblaAzan Zitouna Prayer times and QiblaAzan Zitouna Prayer times and QiblaAzan Zitouna Prayer times and QiblaAzan Zitouna Prayer times and Qibla

Prayer Times and Qibla Direction Tunisia and Cities of the World

Qibla Direction Compass and Qibla Line on the Map

The capacity to move the marker on the map and get the Qibla course and compass number

Date Islamic Hijri based mostly on visual observation

Save the Hijri date in the calendar

Write within the calendar an event similar to delivery and menstruation.. within the Hijri date

Qibla compass number with magnetic declination calculation

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Azan Al-Zaytouna Tunisia for Prayers and Morning Azan

Find Prayer Times and Qibla with out the Internet

Supplications and Remembrances for Memorization

Alarm for Qiyaam al-Layl earlier than Fajr

Times of Imsak for Fasting

Schedule of Ramadan Fasting Times 1443 / 2022

Audio Search: Amal a spot to get prayer instances calculation and Qibla

Possibility to enter latitude and longitude immediately in the search field

Example: 10.17 36.seventy nine (Tunisia) (distance between latitude and longitude)

Subha counter

Calculating the Number of Rak'ahs

Zakat Calculation Program

Calculating Parts of the Night

Islamic Legacy Calculation Program

Receive Reliable Islamic Information

Hear the authorized ruqyah

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God, the Blessed and Most High, said: Indeed, the prayer for the believers is a fixed time book Surat An-Nisa. Al-Tabarani narrated with the proper and linked chain of transmission that the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said: “The better of God’s servants are those that care for the solar, the moon and the canopies for the remembrance of God.” Narrated by al-Tabarani, and what's meant by the remembrance of God right here is prayer. It is necessary to watch intently to confirm that the time for prayer has entered, and it's not enough to depend on mere arithmetic. See:

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