Electrician's Handbook free

Electrician's Handbook free


Electrician's Handbook freeElectrician's Handbook freeElectrician's Handbook freeElectrician's Handbook freeElectrician's Handbook free

The electrician's information utility is an application that may assist people whose profession is related to electrical energy, for newbie electricians and for strange people who discover themselves interested in understanding electricity and electrical safety.

There will be no ads within the utility. No advertising is deliberate.

The application implements:

1. the calculator of which is able to assist to calculate the present power, load, cross-section of copper and aluminum conductors of cables, diameters of copper and aluminum conductors of cables, in addition to all this can be calculated both in a single-phase circuit and in a three-phase one. All values ​​are nominal and never most.

2. EB checks in this section shall be electrical safety tests for different tolerance teams.

3. Schemes and in this section varied schemes for connecting various devices, electrical equipment, and so on. will be revealed.

4. Tips, helpful tips from the apply of electricians will be collected here.

Tests are available for 2, 3, 4, 5 electrical security teams. I draw your attention to the truth that within the free model of the appliance, 7 tickets might be obtainable in every group besides 2. In the second group, all eleven tickets shall be obtainable.

In the future, full help for the application is deliberate, adding new entries to all sections, creating new sections, creating dynamic connection schemes, and so on.

All questions, ideas and objections can be discussed on my blog on the link below.

I hope my software will help you, enjoy using it.

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Appendix reference electrician - is an software which can assist individuals whose career is related with electrical energy, electricians for newbies and for odd people who find themselves fascinated within the information of electricity and electrical safety.The software consists of:


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